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Connected packaging scores brewer Top 5 in GABS

Featured in PKN, February 2024. Written by Lindy Hughson Australian craft beer pioneer Bridge Road Brewers, has harnessed the power of connected experiences, partnering with consumer engagement platform Cellr to achieve a Top 5 ranking in the coveted GABS Hottest 100 Craft Beer Poll, which this year featured 436 of Australia’s craft breweries with 1877 different […]

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A Midjourney Generated Image, representing connected packaging, showing multiple packages of different shapes and sizes, digitally connected, using QR, NFC and other means.

Connected Packaging: A Competitive Edge in a Crowded Market

In today’s competitive landscape, where customers demand more engaging and tailored brand experiences, connected packaging emerges as an essential tool for brand owners and marketers.

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Prepare your wine with eLabels: Get compliant now!

With only months until change takes effect, wine, beer and spirits brands and their exporters should be proactively preparing themselves for change.

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SA solution for incoming EU wine labelling hangover – InDaily

Featured in InDaily, July 2023. Written by David Simmons A Lot Fourteen-based tech firm hopes its digital solution will help wine companies navigate cumbersome regulatory changes in the EU. From 8 December, regulatory changes in the European Union will come into effect requiring wine sold in Europe to declare detailed information on ingredients, allergens, nutrition […]

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A woman picks cactus fruit. A phone scans the finished cactus jam product,.

HP Indigo and Las Quinas give life to a project that honors traditions and transforms lives in Argentina

Featured in Economy Magazine-June 27, 2023 – Please note the original was written in Spanish, and has been translated by Google. Behind a jam lies a fascinating story of triple impact. The HP Indigo 6K has been fundamental in transmitting, through the label of each bottle, the history and purpose of a project that has transformed […]

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A phone scans a wine bottle, and Cellr's EU eLabel shows all the nutritional information required.

Connected software solution helps wine importers meet new EU regulations and more

Featured in Packaging Europe, July 2023 The wine industry is poised for a significant transformation as the European Union’s regulatory changes are scheduled to take effect on December 8th 2023. Embracing these changes, Cellr, a connected packaging software company based in Australia, has developed what it describes as a cutting-edge solution that ensures compliance and empowers the […]

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EU eLabel Mandates for the wine industry.

EU Label Changes: What are the new regulations for 2023 that have the wine industry worried?

From December 8, 2023, wine sold in the European Union (EU) will be required to declare ingredient, allergen and nutrition information. With limited label space and ever-changing mandatory requirements, how can wineries ensure they stay compliant?  2023 seems to be flying past, and before we know it, the wine industry will have two huge things […]

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Cellr strengthens consumer connection, brand promotions & business collaboration with their smart packaging software.

Innovation in consumer engagement takes another exciting step, as local Australian startup Cellr delivers not one but three exciting collaborative promotions with its smart packaging software solution.

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