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July 7, 2023

HP Indigo and Las Quinas give life to a project that honors traditions and transforms lives in Argentina

By Daniel Hill

Featured in Economy Magazine-June 27, 2023 – Please note the original was written in Spanish, and has been translated by Google.

Behind a jam lies a fascinating story of triple impact. The HP Indigo 6K has been fundamental in transmitting, through the label of each bottle, the history and purpose of a project that has transformed the lives of 25 women in vulnerable situations in Santiago del Estero, Argentina. This initiative has been possible thanks to the collaboration of Avery Dennison, the packaging design agency Tridimage and the Etiketten printing company, who have joined forces to carry out this impressive project.

Through the production of five thousand jars of Tuna jam, the B Company that produces organic and sustainable honey and sweets, Las Quinas, has supported a venture that rescues the forgotten flavors of the lands of Santiago and, at the same time, provides a livelihood for the community of the Women of La Cañada. It is important to note that this initiative has been carried out using the innovative connected packaging platform of Cellr, an Australian startup belonging to Avery Dennison’s AD Stretch innovation program.

The use of Generative Artificial Intelligence in combination with HP Indigo’s Mosaic digital printing technology has allowed each of the 5,000 labels to have a unique illustration, reflecting each story behind the Women of La Cañada.

The silhouette of a female hand and the texture of the thorns, which are distinctive characteristics of the tuna, represent the hard and collective work of the women of Santiago. The vibrant colors that adorn the illustrations evoke hope for a better future for your entire community.

Thanks to HP Indigo technology and printing by Etiketten, each bottle carries an NFC chip label, which, when scanned with a smartphone, transports consumers to a digital platform where this whole story is told and provided a broader context about the effort and impact that is hidden behind each jar of jam.

The collaboration between HP Indigo, Etiketten, Las Quinas, Avery Dennison, CellR and Tridimage demonstrates that it is possible to create ventures that not only help entire communities, but also honor stories and cultures that seemed to have been forgotten.

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