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Attention Barossa Fanatics, We Are Now Arriving at Dewey Station

I had the pleasure of working with Stefan at Chateau Yaldara back in 2017 and 2018. I remember his enthusiasm, knowledge and passion for wine was something rarely seen across many of the wineries I had worked at. We shared many laughs over the trials and tribulations of vintage time and throughout the year. I […]

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Wine: To Infinity and Beyond with Angus Hughson

Between the digital disruption and the next generation of consumers entering the market, we often wonder, “what’s next?” While many industries look towards the future for these answers, the wine industry often struggles to see beyond next month’s sales targets. This lack of vision may reap short term results, but in the long run it […]

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What’s been going on at Cellr in November?

As we approach the end of the year the weeks start to feel like they are blurring together… That’s why we wanted to end this week on high note by celebrating some of our recent wins!

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Wine on the Frontline With Ella Stening

Noone has their finger on the pulse of the wine industry quite like the front-liners, who you will find behind the bars and in the bottle shops. Between tastings, research, allocation negotiations and navigating a maze of cardboard boxes they are able to build a bridge that connects customers and producers- all without breaking a […]

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Wine, Design and Everything in Between With Kieron Lomax

Wearing his passion for wine and the Barossa Valley on his sleeve, Kieron exudes creativity with a subtle punk rock flair as Direct Sales and Marketing Manager at Greenock Creek Wines. Sales and Marketing in his case direc

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How to Take Your Wine & Cheese Pairing to Another Level

There are cheeses for every palate! But do you know how to combine them with the right wine?

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Brooke Howell: Great Wine Starts in the Vineyard

There’s a saying throughout the wine community that states “great wine starts in the vineyard”. This in part pays homage to the vine itself, but also highlights the importance of the viticulturist.  Viticulturists carry a heavy responsibility; their work in the vineyard defines all resulting wines and has the greatest impact on the land they […]

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3 Tips on Exporting Wine Every Producer Should Know About

Making great wine is one thing, but exporting it is a completely different ball game. That’s why we asked Liz Schoen, an expert on wine exports, to give us her Top 3 tips for wineries looking to make waves in international waters. 

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