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A Midjourney Generated Image, representing connected packaging, showing multiple packages of different shapes and sizes, digitally connected, using QR, NFC and other means.

Connected Packaging: A Competitive Edge in a Crowded Market

In today’s competitive landscape, where customers demand more engaging and tailored brand experiences, connected packaging emerges as an essential tool for brand owners and marketers.

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Australian Tech Startup announced in the First Cohort for Global Pilot Accelerator Program.

Driving innovation in packaging across both luxury and fast-moving consumer goods, local tech startup Cellr, is thrilled to be representing Australia in the first ever AD Stretch™ Accelerator. One of only nine startups selected from across the globe, it is a huge achievement for this team of connected packaging specialists. Launched earlier in 2022 with […]

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A Merry Christmas With #TheWineHacker

It is difficult not to think of the laid tables, the thousand lights on the Xmas trees and the many expected gifts when you think of this upcoming festive season (and Mariah Carey or the Wham in the background). But the time and effort involved in preparing the perfect Christmas menu often run the risk […]

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What’s been going on at Cellr in November?

As we approach the end of the year the weeks start to feel like they are blurring together… That’s why we wanted to end this week on high note by celebrating some of our recent wins!

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How to Take Your Wine & Cheese Pairing to Another Level

There are cheeses for every palate! But do you know how to combine them with the right wine?

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Ricca Terra Gets Digital Packaging to Start Conversations About Sustainability With Consumers

Ricca Terra have been at the forefront pioneering sustainability in winemaking in Australia, and have decided to take their mission direct to mobile through digital packaging powered by Cellr. Ricca Terra will be applying Cellr NFC labels to their 22º Halo range to deliver their message around sustainability in winemaking to customers. This is part […]

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Château Tanunda Brings the Barossa to the U.K. with Cellr Digital labels

This August Château Tanunda are launching a U.K. exclusive “Golden Bottle Giveaway” through digitally interactive labels on bottles of the Grand Barossa Shiraz. Powered by Cellr’s connected packaging, bottles purchased from Sainsburys will now deliver a virtual Château Tanunda br

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Is the Future of Wine Marketing in Connected Packaging?

Being able to connect to customers through the product being sold is a marketers dream. That’s why we are seeing more wine marketers applying connected packaging to wine bottles.

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