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Connected packaging scores brewer Top 5 in GABS

Featured in PKN, February 2024. Written by Lindy Hughson Australian craft beer pioneer Bridge Road Brewers, has harnessed the power of connected experiences, partnering with consumer engagement platform Cellr to achieve a Top 5 ranking in the coveted GABS Hottest 100 Craft Beer Poll, which this year featured 436 of Australia’s craft breweries with 1877 different […]

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A woman picks cactus fruit. A phone scans the finished cactus jam product,.

HP Indigo and Las Quinas give life to a project that honors traditions and transforms lives in Argentina

Featured in Economy Magazine-June 27, 2023 – Please note the original was written in Spanish, and has been translated by Google. Behind a jam lies a fascinating story of triple impact. The HP Indigo 6K has been fundamental in transmitting, through the label of each bottle, the history and purpose of a project that has transformed […]

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EU eLabel Mandates for the wine industry.

EU Label Changes: What are the new regulations for 2023 that have the wine industry worried?

From December 8, 2023, wine sold in the European Union (EU) will be required to declare ingredient, allergen and nutrition information. With limited label space and ever-changing mandatory requirements, how can wineries ensure they stay compliant?  2023 seems to be flying past, and before we know it, the wine industry will have two huge things […]

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Small Victories Wine Co QR Code Marketing

QR Codes: The Beverage Industry’s Secret Weapon

QR codes provide a great marketing channel for the beverage industry, and through platforms like Cellr they can deliver dynamic and interactive content optimised for mobile viewing. QR codes are inexpensive and easy to apply to products, and according to a recent consumer survey by GlobalData they play a large role in a consumer’s purchasing […]

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Tomich Wines & the Jack of All Trades

Jack Tomich is the “Jack of All Trades” for Tomich Wines. If there is a job to do, he gets it done. We caught up with Jack in the peak of their 2022 vintage, just after the first lot of fruit came into their almost brand new winery. It was great timing too, Jack felt optimistic […]

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Having Great Taste With Briony Liebich

Have you ever wondered how the foods and beverages you often consume taste so good, time after time? You can thank sensory analysts like Briony Liebich, who dedicate their careers to making sure the food and beverages we love meet a certain standard before reaching our mouths. Briony’s palate has been put to work across […]

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Small Batch in the Barossa With Elka Parsons

Growing up in the Eden Valley, Elka Parsons is no stranger to a vineyard. Between working vintages to fund her early 20’s travel ambitions, to now running her own label “Elk Wines” in the Barossa, it’s easy to see how thoroughly wine is intertwined into her life. With sustainability front of mind Elka started her […]

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A Christmas Lunch with Cellr and Friends

To celebrate the festive season we asked our staff and friends to tell us the wines they will have on their table for Christmas lunch, and share their fondest memories from 2021. Amanda Longworth, Barossa Grape and Wine Association What are 3 wines that will be on your table for Christmas lunch? Flaxman’s Eden Valley […]

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