November 11, 2021

What’s been going on at Cellr in November?

By Angela Oemcke

As we approach the end of the year the weeks start to feel like they are blurring together… That’s why we wanted to end this week on high note by celebrating some of our recent wins!

  • Brokenwood signed up to Cellr
  • Chain of Ponds 2021 Black Friday Sauvignon Blanc launched nationally with Cellr QR
  • We deployed multiple sets of new functionality in the platform
  • Chateau Tanunda’s U.K. campaign saw influencers interacting with their wines Cellr enabled NFC stickers
  • We introduced a new “Product Management” process to the platform. This means Cellr can now connect all kinds of things… Cellar Door activations for “objects”, print advertising, shoes, hats, tasting packs…you name it, we can connect it!
  • We started working on a secret project with a new, high profile customer that will be released in February. It’s going to be EPIC, but that’s all we can give you for now!
  • We have recently opened up our Seed Investment round, so if you know any potential investors, we’d love an intro (if you’re comfortable talking about that)

What wins are riding into the weekend?

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