September 2, 2021

Ricca Terra Gets Digital Packaging to Start Conversations About Sustainability With Consumers

By Angela Oemcke

Ricca Terra have been at the forefront pioneering sustainability in winemaking in Australia, and have decided to take their mission direct to mobile through digital packaging powered by Cellr. Ricca Terra will be applying Cellr NFC labels to their 22º Halo range to deliver their message around sustainability in winemaking to customers. This is part of the brand’s strategy to spread awareness about climate change by helping consumers make “planet friendly” purchasing decisions.

The 22º Halo range, which is carried by major retailers, offers ‘stepping stone’ wines to consumers by combining familiar grape varieties, such as Sauvignon Blanc, with lesser known “alternative” varieties, such as Fiano that are more adapted to the warm and dry Australian climate. 

Each bottle of the 22º Halo range will wear an olive green NFC label that consumers can engage with using their smartphone. From here they can access the 22º Halo story, videos and other unique content enhancing their experience with each wine. This provides each consumer with an approachable introduction to sustainability in wine, as well as alternative and sustainable grape varietals.

“While it’s a big topic within the industry, it’s easy for consumers to overlook the environmental impact wine has. We are really excited to be involved in this project with 22º Halo, it’s great to see Cellr’s technology being used to deliver this message in a way that consumers can easily digest. It’s what we made Cellr for, to better the wine industry- and that’s exactly what Ricca Terra are doing.”

– Chris Braine, Cellr CEO and Founder

By leveraging technology to engage consumers and the market with their story of sustainability, the team at Ricca Terra hope to encourage consumers to be conscientious about the wine they drink and for the industry to adopt more environmentally friendly practices.

@ricca_terra_farms: Wine can be a bit like a puzzle! But our @22_degree_halo has a new secret weapon in the form of This little medal can be found on each of our 2021 vintage 22 Degree Wines, helping put the pieces together.

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