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3 Tips on Exporting Wine Every Producer Should Know About

Making great wine is one thing, but exporting it is a completely different ball game. That’s why we asked Liz Schoen, an expert on wine exports, to give us her Top 3 tips for wineries looking to make waves in international waters. 

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Mastering wine in the UK with Melissa Worrall

It’s not everyday you speak with someone who is an expert on the U.K. wine market, a budding Master of Wine program entrant and experienced judge- but here we are!

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The 4 Export Grants Every Australian Winery Should Know About

We’ve put together a list of some of the most recent export grants that are on offer to wineries looking for some financial support to promote and market their wines overseas.

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Belinda van Eyssen, a Testament to Diversity Driving Excellence in Wine

Making wine for her family’s Barossa Valley winery The Cutting is about creating a sense of place. A sense of place for the carefully tended fruit, their vineyards’ diverse terroir, her family and herself. 

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It’s Bright in the Barossa with Jason Schwarz!

If grapes could speak they would be thanking Jason Schwarz, winemaker and owner of Schwarz Wine Company. Based in the Barossa Valley, Jason lends a lot of the credit for his bright and delicious wines to the fruit, natural yeast and growers. We recently spoke to Jason about life as a “hands-off” winemaker in the […]

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Ricca Terra Gets Digital Packaging to Start Conversations About Sustainability With Consumers

Ricca Terra have been at the forefront pioneering sustainability in winemaking in Australia, and have decided to take their mission direct to mobile through digital packaging powered by Cellr. Ricca Terra will be applying Cellr NFC labels to their 22º Halo range to deliver their message around sustainability in winemaking to customers. This is part […]

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The Wine Hacker Takes On Alcohol Free Wine

This week on #TheWineHacker we are talking about alcohol free wines! We sent through some questions to our Wine Hacker Sara, aka The Wine Informer, to see what her thoughts were on the matter. Why is alcohol-free wine becoming so popular? There are various reasons why non-alcoholic wines are gaining traction, especially in Australia, America and […]

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Not Your Average Blender: the L.A. Winery Offering a Unique Experience

When we came across The Blending Lab, a winery in Los Angeles that allows people to create their own unique wine blends, we had to find out more. The Blending Lab is pioneering a new way to engage people with wine, both at their cellar door and remotely. We spoke with two of its three […]

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