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April 20, 2022

QR Codes: The Beverage Industry’s Secret Weapon

By Daniel Hill

QR codes provide a great marketing channel for the beverage industry, and through platforms like Cellr they can deliver dynamic and interactive content optimised for mobile viewing. QR codes are inexpensive and easy to apply to products, and according to a recent consumer survey by GlobalData they play a large role in a consumer’s purchasing decisions. 

This comes as no surprise,  during the pandemic social distancing and ‘check-in’ requirements  made scanning QR Codes second nature. In fact almost 50% of consumers are now actively scanning products to  to seek further information according to the GlobalData Q3 2021 report. 

This provides brands with the opportunity to engage their customers at the critical ‘point of sale’. For the beverage industry, this means creating a brand experience that consumers can access as they shop. Yet according to an article by PKN News, the Australian beverage industry is yet to fully unlock the potential of QR codes. This provides huge growth opportunities for the beverage industry, as more brands adopt QR codes to engage customers through their products.  

The opportunities in this growing channel are endless, the brands that will see the most success are those curating mobile content. Linking customers to your website isn’t going  to engage customers with your product. Connected packaging platforms like Cellr provide you with the QR codes and a platform for you to create mobile specific content that can be customised in real time. This allows for a frictionless multidimensional experience, and endless content creation opportunities.

We saw this with the current Brown Brothers Prosecco Rose virtual gifting campaign, which was enabled by Cellr. Combining Cellr’s connected packaging and software platform, each bottle of Prosecco Rose allowscustomers to upload a unique virtual message. Customers simply scan the QR code and follow the prompts to create a personalised message, linked to the bottle ready to give t to their loved one. 

We’ve also seen QR codes used by wine brands Chain of Ponds to engage consumers in bottle shops such as Dan Murphy’s, and Twisted Sticks to communicate their organic messaging specifically with trade and retailers. 

With the continued adoption of QR codes with consumers there has never been a better time for beverage producers to look at connected packaging as a new marketing channel.

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