June 17, 2021

Juniper Uses Cellr for Halliday Top 100 Wine

By Angela Oemcke

Juniper Estate, a producer of premium wines in Wilyabrup (the heart of the remote and environmentally pristine Margaret River), is now using Cellr’s customer engagement platform and digital packaging to connect with their customers.

Last year Cellr offered all wineries placing in James Halliday’s Top 100 wines for 2020 the opportunity to win a complete D2C Digital Wine Label package valued at $2,900. The prize not only provides the Top 100 wineries the opportunity to promote their award, but also to connect customers directly with their own unique marketing content.

Let’s dive in and discover why they are joining the wineries pioneering the way for digital engagement technology throughout the wine industry.

Pictured: Nick Hill (left) and Tom Hill (right)

Tell us a bit about Juniper, its Top 100 wine(s) and why Juniper decided to enter it in Cellr’s Top 100 competition?

Juniper was started by my parents, Roger and Gill, in 1998 with a view to producing the very best wines possible from our own vineyards. Today the business is run by my brother, Nick, and I, and the original ambition from nearly 25 years ago remains in sharp focus. We want to be around for 100+ years, but realise we’re unlikely to see the literal and metaphorical fruits of all of this!

The Top 100 wines sum up well what we have been doing for a long time – producing great Chardonnay and Cabernet that provides excellent value for the experience of drinking a bottle of Juniper. We recognise technology has an important part to play in wine; of greater importance, we feel, is harnessing what is truly useful for our business and that indeed provides value for all stages of the supply chain (producers, wholesalers, restaurateurs and customers). We believe Cellr offers simple solutions to help get good wine into people’s hands faster. 

What is Juniper most excited about when it comes to connecting its wine with Cellr’s Customer Engagement Platform?

The fact you can pinpoint where (down to the suburb) the most people are enjoying your product during any given period. This analysis allows us to be proactive in that particular area to bring an active and engaged customer base greater value by offering collaborations with local restaurants, like wine nights etc. 

What is the story Juniper wants to tell consumers when they pick up a bottle of Juniper wine?

We’re a family business, run by second-generation brothers. We grow what we make and make what we grow all with a focus on sustainable farming and investing more in the land than we take out (a little bit like a bank account!).

Does Juniper have any marketing campaigns they are running at the moment, or plan to run through Cellr?

Not presently but I think a campaign around ‘what is your suburb drinking?’ would be interesting, and marketing to that.

Why do you think it is important to connect directly with wine consumers?

Simply because stories are interesting. Wine is what brings consumers to a brand but it is the stories of the people and the history within that ultimately sticks with them.

Read the full story about Cellr’s Halliday Top 100 partnership via Winetitles Media here.

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