June 22, 2020

Wine and Music Pairing: Tempranillo by Vanessa and Terry (Plan B! Wines)

By Angela Oemcke

We were lucky enough to get Vanessa and Terry from Plan B! Wines to take a break from all things wine so they could put together a playlist for us to pair with the Tempranillo varietal- as a tribute to their flagship wine the Tempranillo Viognier blend (or TV as they call it)!

Listen to Tempranillo by Plan B! Wines on Spotify here.

Tempranillo, the noble grape of Spain and at times described as the Pinot Noir on steroids as well as the the poster wine for “looks can be deceiving.” While appearing light in scent and appearance at first, the Tempranillo proves to be a lot deeper when you begin get close and it starts to open up.

A balanced mix of groove, rock and funk compliments the Tempranillo’s dark side of forest fruits, spice and leather, while also keeping things light- because at the end of the day it’s just here to have a bit fun like the rest of us.

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