February 24, 2021

Australian Wine Not Safe From Counterfeit in the UK

By Chris

As a company with it’s finger on the pulse of the connected consumer, we were acutely aware of the potential damage to Australian wine brands that the new tariffs in China could cause. Today’s example of counterfeited Yellow Tail wines showing up throughout the UK is case in point.

A market that loves Australian wine, like the UK, isn’t to blame for the sudden increase in counterfeit wine, but they should absolutely be aware of the dangers it can cause to its consumers. Likewise, wine businesses should be aware of the damage it can do to their brands- and an iconic Australian Brand with a serious global presence is always going to be a target.

So, what would Cellr do (#WWCD)? Our brand protection platform gives consumers the ability to legitimately authenticate products anywhere, anytime. Our processes and platforms DNA allow us to automate all the heavy lifting traditionally associated with connected packaging.

If a brand like Yellow Tail had deployed Cellr enabled bottles, then the path of each bottle could be tracked, from the point of bottling all the way through the supply chain. On the consumers and retailer end this means they could authenticate the provenance of each bottle at the point of purchase.

Anti-counterfeit technology makes it easier to distinguish authentic products from their counterfeit counterparts, which why many corelating industries have implemented these measures.

Discover Cellr’s Anti-Counterfeit Solution: https://www.cellr.co/

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