April 30, 2021

Why Can Wine?

By @thewineinformer

This week on #TheWineHacker we are talking about canned wine! We sent through some questions to our Wine Hacker Sara, aka The Wine Informer, to see what her thoughts were on the matter.

What is your experience with canned wine? 

I am a lover of the bottle and the glass, but I am a lover of changes and new trends and experiences. 

I know perfectly well that there is a slightly negative connotation around the quality of a canned wine, and somehow wine sold in a can automatically take on a less premium image (especially by experienced and professional wine lovers). 

But wine in a can is a real movement that is happening all over the world! Canned wine targets the younger generations, and follows the concept of “wine for all”. Canned wine is already very popular in America and the UK, and now Australia is catching up! 

My experience with canned wine? It is fun, easy to carry around and much cheaper and more convenient than using a bottle with glasses- especially when it comes to picnics, the beach or the pool! 

In short, canned wines are durable, recyclable and cool faster. And honestly, you don’t experience much difference or change in the aromas of the wines! I blind tasted some with my partner, and I promise, we couldn’t tell if the wine was coming from the can or the bottle!

Why do you think the wine industry and consumers in Australia are tentative to adopt wine in cans? 

Looking at the market trends now, Australia has been experiencing exponential growth in canned wine since 2020. This is largely because it is attracting younger consumers due to its portability, convenience and sustainability. Great numbers are expected for 2021, as well as the extravagance in packaging and branding! Pop art is in fashion again in wine, thanks to the can! Really, if you think about it, they’re perfect for the Ozzy lifestyle – think outdoor activities like camping and boating- as the cans easily fit into an esky, don’t break like glass, and can be squeezed to take up minimal space in the garbage bag for the trip home.

It is an expression of the new world, it’s popularity will continue to grow across consumers and we will see more wine cans in events and fairs.

What are the benefits of putting wine into cans from a producer and consumer perspective? 

Positive aspects of canned wine to consider are portion, portability and greater respect for the environment. But I need to add something to this list – the designs in the cans are very exciting! There seems to be more room for expression without the limitations of traditional wine bottles. And that’s great! Wine in a can and return to pop art: they attract a much younger clientele, it makes wine accessible to many and for many events .. Think about it .. they can be taken to beaches, parks, concerts where glass is often banned.

How will canned wine change the way we consume wine? 

It is the democratization of wine! Good wine is no longer just for the more mature generations! 

The affordability of canned wine is particularly attractive to “millennials”. The cans allows wine lovers to travel with greater ease and have more wines to taste given the smaller format. And smaller portions really do play a big role. Millennials like cans because they can buy a single “scoop” rather than commit to an entire bottle. This allows for more variety and product testing. 

It is also “healthier,” as younger generations seem to focus more on calories and the amount of alcohol they drink. Canned wines are young, juicy, fun and ready to drink. Obviously, you won’t find fine wines that need to be aged in a cellar put into cans, but for other styles they are a great match. For example young Pinot Noir is perfect for cans. Pinot Palooza knew this when they organized their 2020 event by providing all their Pinot in cans. 

What is #TheWineHacker’s verdict, is wine better in a can? 

I remain a romantic wine bottle drinker who prefers cork, but this trend is here to stay as it attracts a clientele that wasn’t previously targeted. 

It brings affordability, accessibility, freshness to the world of wine… and wine is good in a can, don’t be sceptical! Try and experience this new language!

You can find more from Sara through her website, The Wine Informer, and her Instagram, @thewineinformer.

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