Lock Down or Not, Customer Engagement for Wine Is Now 24/7

For any wine brand, it is essential to be able to share stories and create experiences that engage customers in the market. Thankfully, digital packaging technology is able to provide a solution that can consistently deliver that. 

The past few weeks we have experienced another wave of the pandemic throughout Australia. It seemed things were, for the most part, returning somewhat to ‘normal’ following a year of roller coaster-esque lock downs. That was until the more aggressive Delta variant of the COVID-19 virus imposed itself upon us, leading to new border closures between states and snap lockdowns in just the past week. This inconsistent landscape has made it challenging for our favourite wine brands to connect with us, however the digital era is about to change that forever.

Remotely access the market!

Digital Packaging technology, like Cellr, allows wine brands to connect directly with their customers and retailers through each bottle of wine. This allows brands to deliver their stories and create an experience with customers remotely, which is very important in current times. It also means customer engagement is turned on 24/7 and no longer limited to your sales reps working hours, or the cellar door workers shift. 

So what is digital packaging, and how does it work?

Digital packaging is essentially a label that connects an object, in this case wine, directly with a consumer’s phone. This can be in the form of an inbuilt NFC chip (think payWave), or a QR code that can either be built into the wine’s label or applied as a sticker. Then a consumer simply taps the NFC chip or scans the QR code to be connected with the wine’s virtual content. What’s even better is that companies like Cellr make it so these digital packaging solutions are able to be customised to fit the aesthetic of each unique brand of wine. You can check out what we are talking about below, and even scan the QR code to see what digital packaging can do for a bottle

How does digital packaging engage consumers? 

Good question! Digital packaging provides brands with a direct link to consumers smartphones, which means they can interact and engage them through various content mediums. Cellr designed a platform specifically for wineries so they can easily upload, update, maintain and customise marketing content in real-time. This means when a customer interacts with the digital packaging they instant activate a unique digital experience curated by the brand for each unique wine. 

What kind of content are we talking? 

The type of content wineries choose to upload depends on the marketing strategy of each individual brand. Unlike traditional static labels the options are pretty limitless when it comes to content, as is often the case in the digital realm. Some examples of content that can be ‘uploaded to a bottle’ through Cellr’s application include: 

  • Media (photos, videos, podcasts, playlists)
  • Campaign competitions
  • Instant win competitions (goodbye neck tags)
  • Virtual tastings
  • Cellar door promotions
  • On-demand videos
  • Photographs
  • Social media integrations
  • Wine club signups
  • Online store and website links
  • Secret online store codes
  • Visual tasting notes

The odds are, if you are a winery, you probably already have everything you need to activate your wine with engaging content

So, why not get digital packaging?

Good question! In a world where opportunities to physically connect are often limited by COVID, being able to remotely connect with the market is essential. While it sounds like it may be tricky to do when there are thousands of wine bottles in play, it’s surprisingly really easy. 

Digital packaging solutions like Cellr, integrate directly into your typical bottling process or be done by hand. This means digital labels can be applied like normal labels and digital stickers can be applied like an award sticker would- but that’s probably getting too into the details. All you need to know is that applying the labels is an unbelievably streamlined and affordable process. 

The management of content on bottles, regardless of whether you have millions, or thousands of bottles and multiple product lines, is also really easy thanks to brands like Cellr. But you don’t have to take our word for it, you can talk to Cellr’s team and the wineries who are using Cellr in the market to connect with their customers today. 

Find out more: www.cellr.co

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