Digital Wine Labels: the Future of Consumer Engagement

We want to talk to you about Digital Wine Labels, because at the end of the day reading a static label on the back of a bottle is not a great experience. Simply, there just isn’t enough room to tell your story, talk up the wine and actually engage wine drinkers with your brand. 

That’s why Cellr created the Digital Wine Label. Powered by Cellr’s NFC connected packaging solution, consumers can simply tap their smartphone on a Digital Wine Label to be virtually immersed in a wines brand experience. 

Oh, and they are cheap as chips too. On the producer end they can easily upload, update and receive information from the comfort of the Cellr app. 

Unlike static labels Cellr’s NFC provides unlimited direct to consumer engagement opportunities and avenues: 

  • Get people neck deep in your wine before they have even opened the bottle through real-time and on demand virtual tastings, augmented reality, interactive tasting notes and more. 
  • Tell your wineries story in infinite ways from text, photos, videos, social media and website links.
  • Create an unprecedented brand experience where they can engage with producers and the brand through instant wins, competition, on the go reviews, wine club sign ups and more and more and more. 

Furthermore, with Cellr’s Digital Wine Labels you can update content in real-time, target your audience based on their location and know where and when each bottle is being interacted with.

If you can think of it, Cellr’s Digital Wine Labels can do it. And even better, you probably already have all the marketing materials you need to get started with your own Digital Wine Label.

It’s time to activate a new brand experience. Are you ready for the connected consumer?

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