Château Tanunda Brings the Barossa to the U.K. with Cellr Digital labels

This August Château Tanunda are launching a U.K. exclusive “Golden Bottle Giveaway” through digitally interactive labels on bottles of the Grand Barossa Shiraz. Powered by Cellr’s connected packaging, bottles purchased from Sainsburys will now deliver a virtual Château Tanunda brand experience directly to customers’ smartphones.  

Read the press release here: From Barossa, with love

Grand Barossa is one of the most famous Barossa Shiraz wines worldwide. It debuted 25 years ago building an enviable track record that includes 20 gold medals over 12 consecutive vintages.

“We are excited to be the first Australian business to launch Cellr’s NFC customer engagement technology in the UK. We are able to provide customers with the opportunity to participate in our competition, but more than that, we are able to invite them directly into our world and our existing digital libraries”

– Michelle Geber, Château Tanunda Managing Director

The direct-to-consumer engagement experience is enabled by a golden Cellr NFC sticker applied to the Grand Barossa Shiraz bottles. The NFC, or Near Field Communication, stickers allow customers to interact with the bottles simply by tapping their smartphones on the golden label. Through this, Château Tanunda can connect customers with their Golden Bottle Giveaway, and engage with them digitally.

The Marketing team from Hydra Consulting have worked with Château Tanunda to create and execute the campaign using Cellr’s connected packaging.

“Cellr’s technology creates a new way to engage customers during and after purchase, which we are learning to use through projects like this – thanks to support from the SA government’s eCommerce program.”

– Dr Darren Oemcke, Marketing Director Hydra Consulting

Customers simply have to tap the golden NFC sticker with their smartphone to gain access to the Golden Bottle Wine Giveaway. In addition to this, customers will be able to access unique content such videos of the winemakers, tasting notes and other exclusive content.

“It’s great working with Château Tanunda, one of the most historically significant wineries in Australia, to deliver their story and campaign digitally to their U.K. customers. Our technology was designed for this purpose, to connect producers with their customers and deliver a unique experience from anywhere in the world, without limitations.” 

– Chris Braine, Cellr Founder & CEO

For each bottle of the Grand Barossa Shiraz purchased from Sainsbury’s, customers have a 1 in 200 chance of winning. The digitally interactive bottles of the Grand Barossa Shiraz are expected to be available online and instore at Sainsbury’s from mid-August.

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