February 12, 2021

SA Wine Weekly, Taking Virtual Tastings to Another Level

By Angela Oemcke

This week on the Cellr Blog we got to chat with the dynamic duo, host Nathan Goad and co-host Holly Matheson of SA Wine Weekly. SA Wine Weekly is a live and on-demand show dedicated to trying delicious South Australian wines alongside the winemakers and industry professionals (with their favourite food pairings too, of course).

Check SA Wine Weekly out on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and watch them on demand through their YouTube channel. 

So Holly and Nathan tell us a bit about yourself, what do you do, what have you done and what got you into wine?

Holly: Let’s just say it’s been one big journey! I have a background in the performing arts and experience working as a Social Worker in the field of mental health. Prior to COVID I was over in the US taking part in a one on one acting program with Hollywood Immersive. I was fortunate enough to train in improvisation at the Upright Citizens Brigade in LA and work with acting coach Michael Petted. I was planning on making the big move over to America and then COVID hit. I spent the first few months of isolation self-taping, taking online acting classes, writing and creating (Oh and I cannot forget the occasional glass of wine).  I have always loved wine, especially when it is paired with a delicious meal! A nice glass of red with Italian food! Yum! 

Nathan: I’m the Owner of Achieve Video Marketing, and we had been in business for about 18 months and were starting to do really well when Covid first hit. Our clients were predominantly in the travel space, and the majority paused or dropped video marketing instantly. It is heartbreaking to see your business income vanish just like that, within a few hours. 

Rather than wallow in pity I thought we would concentrate our efforts in a “love project” that we had never had the time to get off the ground, and that’s how SA Wine Weekly was born. I guess you could say it was a COVID-19 baby!

What led you to becoming the co-host of SA Wine Weekly with Nathan?

Holly: When things began to settle in SA with the pandemic I was approached by SA Wine Weekly, and asked to be a guest on the Sparkling Shiraz show. I really could not say no, I mean wine and the camera- two of my favourite things. I  came on the show as a “lover of wine” and have now upgraded to co-host.  

What was the motivation behind starting SA Wine Weekly?

Nathan: As I mentioned earlier, it was to rise from the ashes of COVID-19 and an avenue that allowed us to really sink our teeth into live video production. The reason for it was to really help the smaller wineries and producers of South Australia affected by the pandemic, by showcasing their awesome products.

How did you build your audience, and further how did you go about having such awesome South Australian producers on the show?

Nathan: Our Audience was built through friends and family to start with, and from there it was word of mouth.Facebook Live and the YouTube Algorithm also really helped in spreading the word.

Through meeting a wide array of South Australian producers, what do you think makes a winery’s story unique?

Holly: It’s the people behind the wine that make the winery unique. Working on SA Wine Weekly has allowed us to meet some incredibly talented and creative individuals. Wine making is seen as art in my eyes, and with that said we have met some pretty amazing people.  Each winemaker has their own flare and brings their own personality to the wine and to the winery.  

What is a particular conversation you have had, or story you have heard, through SA Wine Weekly that really stuck with you?

This is a really difficult question to answer as every single person we have had come on the show has had a unique and interesting story. 

Every week we get to help someone tell their unique story, from the winemaker just starting out on their own to 3rd generation winery owners steeped in History.

One experience that has really stood out is our visit to Pirramimma. The winery was the second oldest in Mclaren Vale (by a couple of Months), and still in the same family and just the History of working the land for such a long time is an amazing story.

Also, our first road trip to the Riverland Wine region was amazing and such an eye opener to a flourish new vibrant wine are of South Australia 

What do you find really gets your audience excited about a winery or winemaker?

Holly:I think it’s the full experience of visiting the winery. Getting to know the history behind the venue, the wine maker and the wine making process. We are incredibly lucky with our wine over here in South Australia, where wine tasting really is part of our SA culture.

Nathan: It’s the story and the personality of the winemaker. Everything that goes into a bottle of wine. The education that they get from the winemakers and special guests is second to none, and done in a way that a layman can understand 

How important is it for winemakers to get behind a camera and talk about their product? What advice would you give to the more camera shy winemakers?

Nathan: Just be genuine, speak from the heart and let the passion for your trade come through. Relax and have fun.

What is the future of SA Wine Weekly, I see you are already on apps like TikTok!

It’s been a big journey so far and we are rapidly expanding and growing. We want to take the show as far as we possibly can. Could a trip to France be on the cards?  

Major TV or Payed TV is the next logical step.

Who would you like to have on the show next? 

We have 42 wineries lined up to come on the show.

I am excited by them all, but really intrigued by Justin and Richie from the Hidden Sea and some more Adelaide Hills producers with their awesome Pinot’s.

What have you learnt about your own wine preferences through doing SA Wine Weekly?

Holly: Before coming on the show I was only ever a lover of red wine (Shiraz). I did not realise how many varieties are grown here in South Australia, and how each variety has a unique taste. My favourite variety is now Pinot Noir but I am also a big fan of  fortified wine. I think Nathan would have to agree with me. 

Nathan: I have never acted or been on Camera really before so I am loving every minute of it. I am learning so much and meeting amazing people and eating some exceptional food. Wine and Food pairing is so much fun. 

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